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What is internal verification and how can it help you?

Internal verification is an approach to quality assurance based on peer support and review that enables you to integrate quality into internal assessment from start to finish.

Internal verification:

helps to ensure that all staff understand national standards and can apply them. Facilitates collaboration between staff and external colleagues, enables and ensures fair, accurate and consistent assessment judgement, supports the credibility of internally-assessed qualifications with parents, employers, higher education institutions etc.

Allows quality concerns to be captured and addressed, helps to protect assessors against challenges to professional assessment judgement's and supports preparation for successful external verification.

MOTTECH Training Solutions offer a bespoke IV service to training providers by supporting assessors in understanding and applying national standards, checks and assessment approaches which assessors have devised to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose (before prior verification by awarding bodies) sample assessment judgement to ensure that they are valid and reliable.

Quality Assurance and Internal Verification: About
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