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The Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection route is intended for technicians who wish to carry out MOT Testing (but only hold a Level 2 Qualification) or, technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles.There is one level within Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection.
Inspection Technician must be able to work unsupervised - ideally, they should be in full time employment with at least 3 years experience to ensure they are familiar with the techniques for vehicle servicing, inspection and system(s) diagnosis.
Accreditation is a practical, non-academic way to demonstrate individual capability, providing
independent proof of current competence, knowledge and skills.
Accreditation typically takes just one day to achieve (depending on the specific route), with individuals
assessed against industry-agreed standards. Each accreditation route is designed using best practice
techniques, and offers multiple career development options for a specific job role.

Light Vehicle Inspection ATA route for MOT: About
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